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B2B boutique digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, social media strategy, content strategy and creation, paid ads, etc.

About me

My name is Daniel

I am a global citizen with a unique journey. I was born in Brazil, raised in Argentina, and have called Berlin home for the past decade.

I'm a creative individual, from being a musician, traveler, and blogger to a designer, entrepreneur, and mainly a digital marketer.

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  • 2023-now. Viva Mexiko (events), Social media manager, Content creation, Graphic Design,  Paid ads, Community management.


  • Apex marketing  (start-up), Brand Identity, web design,  Brand strategy.


  • The fair cottage (e-commerce), SEO, Paid ads, Social media optimization.


  • Iban Maya (Tattoo artist), Paid ads, Photo and video editing.


  • Alt4r (events),  Meta ads

Skills: Web design, graphic design,

photo edition, video edition,

audio edition, music production, animation, and copywriting.

Tools: Google Docs, Google Sheets,

DaVinci Resolve, Cupcut, Canva, Wix,

WordPress, Chep Monkey,

Pro tools, ChatGPT, Metricool.


Digital Marketing at DCI Digital Career Institute, Germany.

Flex marketing berlin

Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Meta Ads, Google Ads,

Email Marketing, Brand Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Community Management, Video Marketing,

UI/UX design, Google Analytics, HTML.

social media marketing with flaex marketing berlin


Google search, display, and video ads,

Meta ads,

Google Analytics, and

Meta community management.

Flex marketing berlin website






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