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Case Study Viva Mexiko Events

Viva Mexiko is an event business devoted to promoting Mexican culture, music, and food in Berlin, and Germany.

For about 10 years organizing the classic festival named "El Grito" once a year, and since 2023 the food market named "Antojitos Mexicanos".

Viva Mexiko Berlin, El Grito logo

flex marketing

We were hired to help primarily to sell presale tickets online for the events, first at "Antojitos Mexicanos" food market in June 2023, and later in Sep. at "El Grito" festival.

As well as:

  • Social media management

  • Channel optimization

  • Paid ads (Google and Meta)

  • Content creation

  • Video and photo editing

  • Graphic design

Note: Viva Mexiko have never sold tickets online before this event neither have worked on a consistent online marketing strategy.

Goal and Strategy

  1. Sell pre-sale tickets online through paid ads, and organic social media campaign.

  2. Create buzz to the event.

  3. Create engaging content promoting the festival, the brand, the artist, and food stands.


  1. Over 200k impressions on paid ads.

  2. 400 new Instagram friends.

  3. 23.8k Instagram acc. reached (221% more than previous month)


Online tickets Sold out

(1000 sold)


Paid Ads Strategy

SMART goal: Sell 1000 online tickets with a 600€ budget between 15 August until 15 Sep. for the event "El Grito".

Primary KPI: Tickets sold.

Secondary KPI: Impressions and Ad Clicks.

Budget: 600 (20€ day, 15€ Meta ads, and 5€ Google ads).

Meta Ads

30 days campaign - 15€ day budget.

Campaign 1: Facebook event ad, 5€ per day for 30 days.

Objective: To get people to click "assist" to the event on Facebook to generate a snowball effect.

Results: 578 event assists, 30k Impressions.

Campaign 2: Meta, Reach campaign, video ad.

Budget: 10€ a day for 20 days.

Objective: Advertise to the largest amount of people, CTA: Buy tickets online.

Target audience: geographic Berlin, demo 22-45

Interest: Mexican food, cumbia, Latin music, festivals, food market.

Results: 57k people reached, and 93 Clicks to the ad.

Campaign 3: Meta, Traffic campaign,

1 ad set with 5 different video ads.

Budget: 10€ per day for 10 days.

Objective: Send people to the site to buy tickets.

CTA: buy tickets online.

Target audience: geographic Berlin, demo 22-45

Interest: Mexican food, cumbia, Latin music, festivals, food market.

RE-targetting: from camp.2, plus Insta-Facebook visitors.

Results: 46k Impressions and 1650 clicks to the ad.

Google Ads

30 days campaign

Budget: 5€ day

Campaign type: Google Display

Objective: Website Traffic

Dynamic ad format

Target audience: geographic Berlin, demo 22-45

Intesrest: mexican food, cumbia, latin music, festivals, food market

Results: 139k Impressions, 648 Clicks, 0,46% CTR

Social Media Strategy

Creating engaging and informative (info about the event) content, schedule, community management.


1-Create a sustainable content plan consisting of:

3 reels and 3 stories a week for the month previous to the event, and pump up to 5 reels and 5+ stories the same week of the event.

2-Create content pillars surrounding the brand, the artist, and the food stands.

3-Brand consistency throughout all channels, colors, aesthetics, themes, tone of voice, logos, etc.

4-Create engaging content, mainly reels with dynamic phase and music showing images of past events


Share the same content from Instagram, Create Facebook event with info plus: Poster, address with linked map , link to online tickets landing page, etc.

SEO Strategy

Consistency throughout all channels, website design for a good customer experience, easy to navigate, easy to buy tickets online, clear info about the festival.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 15.22.00.png

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